Operational Changes for Your Safety and in line with Current Government Regulations

One Way System
For your safety we now have a one way system in operation , this has been implemented for your safety and promote social distancing we would kindly ask all visitors to abide by this at all times, we know this may delay your entrance but your safety is our main focus. Both Entrance and Exit will be clearly signed and our staff on duty will assist you with the process , for customers with mobility issues our exit point has several steps leading to the outside , an alternative exit point has been identified please ask a member of staff to direct you to the nearest exit.

Entrance via our main doors at the front of the building
Exit via bar lounge doors leading into the conservatory

Social Distancing is the word for 2020. Therefore, some furniture has been removed and some repositioned to ensure table distance remains 1m between one another, we would ask that you leave tables and chairs where you find them.

Increased Level of Hygiene To keep the venue up to new (even) higher standards, we have updated our cleaning schedules to include more frequent sanitisation to all surfaces and contact points within the venue.

Hand Sanitiser Units have been installed and are visible around the venue, and we encourage you to use them as you pass by.

Visual Signage has been placed with the venue reminding visitors of regular hand washing

For our customers wishing to Dine with us

We strongly advise that you pre book in advance via online via our booking systems, you will need to supply contact details when booking in line with government test and trace policy.

We have an easy three step order process in operation for all our diners, tables can be pre booked via our website, reservations are strongly advised as we have limited availability.
Food orders will be taken at our dedicated food order point located at the end of the bar; visual signage will assist you locate this. The food order point will operate a social distancing queuing system, floor indicators have been introduced to assist with social distancing, we would kindly request that you join the que maintaining social distancing. Once you have been served you are requested to return to your seating. Relax and we will deliver your food and cutlery to your table once ready.

A reduced menu will be in operation but don’t worry our reduced menu still has plenty of choice and even some new tasty Indian dishes for you to sample , menus can be viewed on our website.

For our customers that will use Bar services only

You will need to supply contact details when entering the venue in line with government test and trace policy. Contact details must be given to our receptionist, once supplied a hand stamp will be issued to you , this will assist our staff identify your registration and speed up the process should you exit into the outside area and need to re-enter to use the bar services once again.

Bar services will be in operation, but we have implemented changes to how you are served
Floor markers have been introduced to assist you to que in a socially distanced manner. Once you have been served you are requested to return to your seating without delay, again following the one-way system. Vertical drinking inside the venue is strictly prohibited, vertical drinking is permitted within the outside area but only within dedicated areas

We would kindly ask all visiting guests to be more patient during this difficult time, it’s all new to our staff and we are commencing a journey into the unknown and learning new ways to be able to make your visits a safe and enjoyable experience , the service may not be as quick as we have restrictions in place for safety reasons that may slow us down a little.

Your safety is paramount to us so please Help US! Help YOU! so we can all keep stay safe.

If you have any concerns or require any additional information , please do not hesitate to drop us an email info@smokeybarrels.com where will do our upmost to answer.